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Photography Valentin Herfray

Sylvie Macmillan made a dress out of gold nails

We talk to nail artist and Dazed Beauty Community member Sylvie Macmillan about her recent performance piece

On Tuesday, nail artist and Dazed Beauty Community member Sylvie Macmillan took to the Les Basin Hotel in Paris to direct a performance exploring empowerment through visual opulence for the launch of brand new cultural platform, Nikki Agency.

Celebrating the women who find freedom and self-expression through dance and heady nightlife indulgence, Sylvie created a showgirl style dress made out of fishnet and hundreds of hand-painted gold nails. Worn by artist Sagg Napoli, the performance featured her thrashing around to music by Physically Sick, before taking off her heels and dancing in the pool, whipping her wet hair to the beat of the music as make-up ran down her face.

“I wanted to create the hottest woman at the party and my model, Sagg was mesmerising,” Sylvie told us. “It was fabulous to see her move around the club and the pool wearing it. I had originally wanted to completely cover the dress in nails, but it was more important to me that Sagg looked sexy. It was great to do something completely self-directed. On set or with private clients I’m always facilitating a character that someone else has chosen. It took a long time to make. I painted all of the nails by hand, front and back and sewed them individually. I could have spray painted them but that’s the difference between a piece and a prop. I’m a craftswoman so process is art in my eyes. The piece was all about feeling powerful and her strength is really highlighted in those pictures. There’s a sense of it all feeling casual too, which I’m really into”

Experience the performance for yourself with photographs below.