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Louis Vuitton: Double Exposure

Bay Garnett talks about styling filmmaker and artist Sam Taylor-Wood in the first of Louis Vuitton's film series

Luxury brand Louis Vuitton present their new series of digital films, starting with the first instalment entitled, 'Double Exposure'. Encapsulating the brand's innovative design and creativity, the first of the series was shot by Tom Craig and features conceptual artist and fimmaker Sam Taylor-Wood, showing her in an intimate surrounding. Made as a counterbalance to today's dispoable media culture, the films will each reveal two facets of its subject on a personal level - in attempt to slow things down and take a moment to create something timeless and unique. We speak to the stylist for the first film, Bay Garnett about the experience and working on shoot.

Dazed Digital: What was the working dynamic like between those involved?
Bay Garnett: It was a real team effort – we all loved how this process worked and it was crucial to all work together, with Tom Craig, the photographer, heading up the team… It was really exciting and inspiring.

DD: Have you worked with Sam Taylor-Wood before?

Bay Garnett: Never - she was wonderful to work with. She really got involved in the process beyond the role of sitter. Sam was fascinated by the technique and really engaged with the shoot as if she was also part of taking the photographs.

DD: How well did you think the clothes fit the story?
Bay Garnett: Sam and I picked them out together. I think they worked well as really the pictures are more about Sam than about the clothes; this is a crucial element to a good portrait. She looks very comfortable in the clothes like they are very much her own.

DD: How did you aim to portray her own sense of style in the shoot?

Bay Garnett: Yes, very much so.

DD: Do you have a favourite image in the expo?
Bay Garnett: Yes – it is Sam in the dress with her feet crossed over – I love the simple lines, I think it looks strong.

Double Exposure, The Librairie, Louis Vuitton Maison, 17-20 New Bond Street, London, W1. From March 16 and onwards