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Kemal Tarba is our man in Moscow and the editor for the Russian arm of Satellite Voices, our new cultural platform created by independent editors across the globe

26-year-old Kemal Tarba is our man in Moscow, working in Cultural Affairs alongside being a street style photographer and journalist for GQ Russia with inspired opinion pieces and scene spotlights. He is the Moscow City Editor of Satellite Voices, our new cultural platform created by independent editors across the globe, exploring the creative cultural revolutions in these unique cities that deserve the world’s attention. Brought to you by Dazed and Swatch, the site supports the very best in fashion, music, art, film and photography from a local perspective, with global inspirations.

Dazed Digital: Where do you live and work?
Kemal Tarba:
I live and work in Moscow, the Russian Federation. The area I live is called Polyanka, it is located in the heart of Moscow, just east of the Kremlin and the Moscow River. Historical sites, narrow streets with amazing 19th century apartments and beautiful views.

DD: What is your favourite hidden city spot and why?
Kemal Tarba:
I’ve lived in Moscow for four years, and it’s so huge that there are still places I’ve never been to. The city is full of surprises. I won’t call it hidden, but my favorite spot is Kamergerski Pereulok, closed to traffic, it’s a cute, short lane with open terraces, cafes and boutiques. It’s even better in the summer.

DD: What can you find in your city that you can’t get anywhere else?
Kemal Tarba:
The energy. Moscow is a place where you find intersections of history you won’t see in any other cities. It’s former Czar, and then Empire past, then Soviet rule and now oligarchic democracy. There’s a very distinctive atmosphere and you feel it in the air. The highest number of billionaires are concentrated here too, all ex-Soviet elite. You can feel the generated energy is full of opportunity.

DD: How else does the city inspire you?
Kemal Tarba:
Another aspect of Moscow is that you experience all seasons here, winter is snowy and the summer is hot as Rio. After experiencing all these you can understand why Russia was a motherland and inspiration for brilliant pieces of literature, art and music.

DD: What’s next?
Kemal Tarba:
Working at the Cultural Affairs department there’s access to so many creative events in the city. I’m thrilled about the upcoming Annie Leibovitz exhibition and as a huge fan, I’m terrifically happy to be involved in this event.

DD: What is your website?
Kemal Tarba:
This is my blog

Photography Katya Lakerbay

Satellite Voices launches Thursday March 24, 2011,

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