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Dazed & Confused: April Issue

Dazed's Money Issue examines the state of our nation with the help of Jake and Dinos Chapman - but there's also pieces on Beth Ditto, Raekwon and Chuck D, plus fashion photography from Anthony Maule and Roe Ethridge

The Money Issue

This month, youth unemployment topped one million. Meanwhile, tuition fees have trebled, the EMA has been scrapped, and firms like Vodafone and Barclays continue to avoid paying vast amounts of tax while we are told planned cuts to welfare and the arts must go ahead. At the heart of all this is money, the one thing that none of us can live without, but so few of us really understand. In this special issue of Dazed, we try to take a cultural look at the big picture, and ask how we got here… and what can be done.


Can't Pay Your Fees, We'll Pay Your Fines

Cover Story: 'Can't Pay Your Fees? We'll Pay Your Fines'

Jake & Dinos Chapman debut art project "Can't pay your fees? We'll pay your fines", a 'call to auction' to support students protesting fee hikes.

The Coming Insurrection

Investigation: The Coming Insurrection

Dazed heads for a commune in rural France to ask a group of anarchists about their role in call to arms The Coming Insurrection, which a certain corpulent rightwing US pundit has dubbed "the most dangerous book in the world".

Drake vs Florence

POP: Drake vs Florence

Rap superstar Drake and pop sensation Florence Welch (Florence and the Machine) meet up on tour and reveal what it's really like to be young and paid today.


Reality Crunch

Sorry, There's No Budget

Five young creative talents open up about how they support themselves, from selling work to funding, family and the dole, Dazed takes an honest look at what it means to be part of the creative industries today, and asks what future it has.

The Fashion

The Fashion

Anthony Maule, Roe Ethridge and Yelena Yemchuk explore everything from the world of couture to the aesthetics of street protest.

Crisis Talk

Money: Crisis Talk

Dr Stu, host of Resonance FM's cult money show The N@ked Short Club, introduces a round of financial experts who attempt to explain what makes the world go round (without making our heads spin).


Chuck D

Music: Chuck D

Righteous rap legend Chuck D takes a break from touring the world to give the God of money a bum rap.

Beth Ditto

Q&A: Beth Ditto

Beth Ditto has left her Gossip days behind her and come into her own with a new sound and a new album that is tearing up dancefloors and making her the most exciting electro artist around.


Your History: Raekwon da Chef

Wu-Tang founder and rapper on 'Cash Rules Everything Around Me', legendary lyricist and performer Raekwon da Chef sits down with Dazed to discuss his role in a hip-hop supergroup that inspired legions of followers.