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Michael Stipe x Jefferson Hack

The R.E.M. frontman and Dazed co-founder gathered friends and family at the BAFTA cinema to watch and talk about the films made to accompany the new album, 'Collapse Into Now'

Last Friday, the BAFTA cinema in Piccadilly, London, hosted the premiere of a series of films produced for the latest R.E.M. album, 'Collapse Into Now'. Each track from the album has been interpreted into video clips that were screened at the private event and followed by a conversation between R.E.M's frontman Michael Stipe and Dazed co-founder Jefferson Hack. Showing seven out the 12 films, the clips include a collaboration with French artist Sophie Calle - exclusively premiered on Dazed last week - and works by Lance Bangs, Sam Taylor-Wood, Tom Gilroy and Jem Cohen. Stipe also revealed to Hack that actor James Franco is directing films for two other R.E.M tracks. Amongst those in attendance were the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, and Juliette Larthe of Warp.