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Toby Shuall: We Meet Between Buildings

The carpenter/designer/sculpturist launches his first solo art show at London's Wayward Gallery

Launching at the Wayward Gallery, London, the new exbibition by Toby Shuall entitled 'We Meet Between Buildings' is his first solo installation. We Meet Between Buildings is Shuall’s first solo installation. Combining sculpture, painting and print, the London-based multi-media artist originally worked as a carpenter and has incorporated the materials and building techniques he uses for his trade into his artwork. Drawing inspiration from tribal cultures and nature besides his past influences from skateboarding, he was also part of the art collective “The Side Effects Of Urethane” which put on various shows that included skateable installations as well as running a clothing label called Suburban Bliss.

Dazed Digital: What is the significance of the title 'We Meet Between Buildings'?
Toby Shuall: All of my life I have lived in the city, nearly all of my encounters with other people have occurred inside or between buildings. Everything in London happens in or between buildings.

DD: How does your background in carpentry inform your art?
Toby Shuall: Recently i have been taking much of what I have learned as a carpenter and applying it to my art. Some of the work I produce I sort of create in the same ways I would use to make a piece of furniture, as in it is a planned construction. Using carpentry methods in my art work has helped me to conceive an idea and nearly imagine it's exact form before starting the work. Other elements of carpentry such as carving are more organic and similar to painting.

DD: How did you incorporate the music elements?
Toby Shuall: Music is an integral part of my life, it helps me to create the work that I make. Playing music helps me to transcend from a normal chain of thought to a more mediative state, so both playing and listening to music is highly important to me. So it was always my vision to have a live at the show in the installation.

DD: Why did you decide to use sculpture, painting and print for this project? Which is your favourite form?
Toby Shuall: I like all three mediums it seemed to make sense to include them all. I really like making sculptures but my paintings are much quicker in the initial process. Print is more thought than action.

DD: You have already been a sponsored skateboarder and run your own clothing label. How does having these past experiences affect your current work ethic?
Toby Shuall: Skateboarding taught me to be free and to do only what I enjoyed, it was a life of constant fulfilment whilst it lasted. Running a clothing label lead me to a place of creative dissatisfaction. I realised I could not express myself truly by creating a product. I mean everything i have done in the past has affected me i suppose - skateboarding has made me learn it is better to do what you want and be happy than the other way around and I am happy now when I am making art.

'We Meet Between Buildings', Wayward Gallery, 47 Mowlem Street (off Vyner St) E2 9HE; Open Thurs - Sun 1pm-7pm, open until March 22