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images by Warren Neidich

Highway Child at Friedrichshoehe in Berlin

Images of wanderlust from ten artists, curated by Emilie Trice.

Emilie Trice, the twenty-six-year-old curator, critic and queen bee of Berlin's artistic American ex-pat community, has brought images of wanderlust by ten top artists to the vast, open space of the Friedrichshoehe, Berlin's newest and rawest cultural center. Highway Child takes its title from Jimmy Hendrix's homage to romantic rolling-stone ramblings. Highlights are Warren Neidich's disquieting, disorienting photographs of American rest-stops and roundsides; Maxime Ballesteros Biguet's photos of reckless, rootless, beautiful youth; and shots from Alec Soth's "Sleeping by the Mississippi", the work recording his five-year travels which wound up on the walls of the 2004 Whitney Biennial. "Leaving home with no intention of returning is an act of rebellion, of rebirth and, for many, a rite of passage," says Trice. "We've all been more informed and inspired by our travels than by our origins. To all practitioners of this philosophy, welcome home."