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Juan Ignacio Moralejo heads the new arts and literature magazine in Buenos Aires featuring pieces from Wolfgang Tillmans to letters on F. Scott Fitzgerald

Revolving around the themes of art and literature, quarterly magazine Correspondencia was founded by its Argentinian director, Juan Ignacio Moralejo. Based in Buenos Aires, the magazine has recently featured the likes of Marcelo Gomes, Kenneth Anger, Jeff Buckley to past letters on F. Scott Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Ted Hughes, or Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Focusing around the themes of 'communication' as the name suggests, Correspondencia has used international contributions from Wolfgang Tillmans to Amit Berlowitz, Alistair Hall, Gert Jonkers, and Nemanja Knezevic. Printed in both Spanish and English, the magazine is available in selected bookstores worldwide including Idea Books in Dover Street Market, Printed Matter in New York, and Ooga Booga in LA.

Dazed Digital: Why and how did you start Correspondencia?
Juan Ignacio Moralejo:
I always loved magazines and since I studied journalism and photography in Buenos Aires, but didn't feel represented by the exisiting ones - and because complaining is not healthy, I decided to try starting the one I wanted to find. I took me two years to think about it, in the past I did this little one as an experiment, called Sede.

DD: What are the concepts behind it?
Juan Ignacio Moralejo: I like the double meaning of the word "Correspondencia" (correspondence). One is "communication by exchanging letters with someone", which is why I like it being printed on paper and sending it to whoever I like (I guess I am romanticising the printed medium). And the other meaning is "empathy, a close similarity and connection with someone", so the contributors with whom we have that affinity, send me things they saw, wrote or read. So the content in it's 160 pages is half images and half texts, in two autonomous sections.

DD: What makes it different to other arts publications out on the market now?
Juan Ignacio Moralejo: Not really sure, but since this one doesn't have art reviews, interviews or editorials explaining anything, the art is not conceptual or explained, but more about creating an atmosphere and a feeling.

DD: Who are the collaborators?
Juan Ignacio Moralejo: Mark Borthwick and Wolfgang Tillmans have a 24 page dossier each. Some other photographers and painters included are Amit Berlowitz, Cedrick Eymenier, Kava Gorna, Alistair Hall, Gert Jonkers, Oskar Karlin, Nemanja Knezevic, Ana Armendariz, Luz Gianni, Mariana Higa, Fernando Mariani, Angeles Peña and Nahuel Vecino. And contributing texts Marcelo Gomes, Angela Hill, Cameron McKean, Harsh Patel, Javier Arroyuelo, Alejandro Cesarco, Edgardo Cozarinsky, María Gainza, Carmen Iriondo, Felisa Pinto and Máximo Tuja.

DD: What is your favourite piece in the current issue?
Juan Ignacio Moralejo: Well, Tillmans always inspired me with his photobooks and exhibitions, so to have in the first issue his photos from Patagonia from his last year visit to Argentina was great! They say "never meet your idols" but he was really nice. 

DD: What's next for the project?
Juan Ignacio Moralejo: It's meant to be a quarterly publication, so I have to start editing the next issue, to have it ready by mid March.