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Marco Brambilla's Evolution 3D Film Preview

Debuting at Art Basel, the new 3D film by Marco Brambilla will "superimpose pop culture onto a historic and deeply human theme"

On December 3, Marina Abramovic, André Balazs and Jefferson Hack host the 3D film preview and party surrounding the latest moving spectacle by the celebrated artist Marco Brambilla at Miami Art Basel. Evolution is a rich, multi-layered horizontally scrolling three-channel HD video collage that re-sequences classic images from 600 different feature films in a dizzying montage. Depicting the history of mankind through the lens of cinema, this never before seen work samples hundreds of clips from films and presents them within the frame of classicism as grand spectacle.

“I wanted to superimpose pop culture onto a historic and deeply human theme,” says Brambilla in a piece on “Evolution deals with the history of mankind and the kind of purging and re-purging of humanity throughout history. There’s kind of a progressive timeline in the film that is strictly chronological and through the chronology it emphasises the concept of conflict. It is kind of reborn and reborn, emphasising the fact that violent human instincts engender change.”