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Gamma Proforma Series

The art and design label launch its GP2010 Series in London with Absolut this December

Taking place at the cultural setting of Zigfrid Von Underbelly, the new art and music series from Gamma Proforma will feature upcoming graphic artists amongst DJs and bands at the launch of their new events. The artists will each create a new piece of graphic art for the venues they visit, taking inspiration from the city around them, across seven cities. Each location will be home to the art works for a week exhibiting at an Absolut bar in the city and kicking off with exclusive parties held at each venue featuring Gamma Proforma DJs and live acts. We speak to founder Rob Swain about what's to come...

Dazed Digital: How did you curate the artists involved and what links them together for this show?
Rob Swain: The line up was put together by the team at GP, we kicked off with a wish list and worked our way through it. The idea was to gather together a bunch with real style, not just urban or outsider artists but artists with a slick ability to just capture a vibe all of their own. They're all pushers, they all put themselves out there and make their mark!

DD: What is your favourite piece from the show?
Rob Swain: That's almost impossible to answer as they're all so different, we intentionally set the bar high so that each new print would push things further. Syd Mead's been a huge influence on our generation so he certainly reigns supreme across the line up for his past achievements in the likes of TRON & Blade Runner, but how could you compare Syd's work to that of Nobumasa Takahashi? The intricate, ancient-modern twists and turns of Takahashi's scroll-like story are on a different tip altogether. I'm lucky enough to have them all on my office wall, I couldn't take one down.

DD: What's next from Gamma Proforma?
Rob Swain: We're busy planning next years output, in February we launch our clothing range at London's Margin show with Paul Pope on board for some very slick tee's. We also have a lot of new music including Third Shock's audio interpretation of Hideshi Hino's 'Mermaid in a Manhole' which is actually creepier than the film. Edinburgh graffiti artist ELPH is also making his audio début with a series of tracks created using experimental software where he actually paints the music.  All this combined with a monthly regular night in London where we project a digital exhibition and take inspiration building the soundtrack around it should see us without sleep for another year...

GP2010 Series in association with Absolut from 1st – 11th December 2010