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Einzelkind & Christian Burkhardt: Jax Art

Jax Records' producers and label-owners get together to produce their new art installation in Frankfurt

Not content with just running Jax Records and working on their joint LP 'Revolver', Berlin's tech-house producer Christian Burkhardt and electronic duo Einzelkind embarked on a new creative adventure to merge the world of art with music. After releasing their classic tech-house sounds on the likes of Oslo and Raum, 'Revolver' will be the first release on JAX, Einzelkind's new boutique imprint. 

Dazed Digital: How did you all meet and how did the idea for the art concept first come about?
Christian and Einzelkind: We have all been friends for quite some time and since we are all producers it just came naturally.

DD: What do you hope to achieve with the pieces?
Christian and Einzelkind: We hope that we can give the artists a proper platform to present their pieces, and we can enjoy them ourselves as well.

DD: How will you attempt to link music with your art as such?
Christian and Einzelkind: The link happens more on a meta level. Our basic idea involves folding; music unfolds in space just as you will have to unfold the poster of the art piece that comes inside the vinyl sleeve, and the piece it refers to also happens to exist in space aswell.

DD: What kind of reactions are you expecting?
Christian and Einzelkind: Appreciative ones, hopefully. The whole project has been, and still is, a lot of work. Putting up exhibitions, finding places for them and organising the whole event is a lot of work, and then on top of that you have all the usual label work. Somehow we believe that in the end people will like what we have done, and if not we ourselves have some good clean fun. 

DD: What is Jax all about? Who will you be releasing on the imprint?
Christian and Einzelkind: Jax is a collective, it's five people sharing ideas. The next music release is by Max Piske, and the art piece will be created by Vera Kunz, who is part of the crew.

DD: What's the next step for the project?
Christian and Einzelkind: The whole project is going to be ten releases, so the next one will be the second and for this we'll release a record with a poster of an art piece, as well as present the actual art piece in our mobile cube gallery to the interested public. The step after that is the same and after that, well... the fourth we guess.

DD: What are your favourite tracks off of the Revolver LP?
Christian and Einzelkind: The yet to be unveiled hidden track...