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Bruce Weber x Dedon

The luxury furniture maker collaborates with the legendary fashion photographer on a tree house book

Few photographers enjoy such respect as Bruce Weber. Having worked with all the great designers and shot for the most renowned magazines, Weber could safely rest on his laurels and retire from public life. Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be his plan. After a long and fruitful collaboration with luxury outdoor furniture make Dedon, Weber has now decided to publish ‘Coming Home’, a book that takes the theme of Dedon’s Weber-shot ad campaign and pushes out the creative boat even further. Encompassing Weber’s photography and especially commissioned illustrations and artwork, the 120-page book’s main piece is an elaborate tree house that Weber had built for the occasion. Dedon itself deserves a mention. The furniture makers, founded by former professional footballer Bobby Dekeyser, saw the light in 1991 and has since become a world leading player in its field to due the combination of exquisite design and unbeatable quality. Speaking at the New York launch party for ‘Coming Home’, Dekeyser said this of his collaboration with Weber: “It's not very often you meet someone that you completly understand; we don't really have to talk that much, we share a fundamental philosophy. We work together on films and shoots, and there's more to come!"

Dazed Digital: Where did the tree house idea come from?
Bruce Weber:
I always wanted a tree house when I was growing up, and my parents wouldn’t let me have one. When Alex [Wiederin, the campaign's art director] first proposed building a tree house, I thought it was a great idea. I finally got to have one, even though it wasn’t in my backyard.

DD: Are you a fan of the furniture?
Bruce Weber:
My father was in the furniture business, so I have a long history of looking at it and thinking about the important role it has in our everyday life. The great thing about the furniture you pick for your porch, your home, your barn or your tree house is that it says a little bit about who you are. I wanted to show that when you move from place to place in your life, it’s the furniture that goes with you.

DD: Tell me about the models, are they all good friends of yours?
Bruce Weber:
Once Alex and I decided on the theme of a family living in a tree house, that’s when the casting became very important: We wanted to show family and friends living and playing together in a place that was open and comfortable.