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The Last Magazine

We talk to Editor Magnus Berger about the publication that serves as a platform for the next generation of creative projects.

The Last Magazine serves as a platform for the next generation of artistic, musical, fashionable and cultural projects that is published biannually in an oversized newspaper format. The conceptive result of visionaries Magnus Berger and Tenzin Wild, it allows the reader to fully engage with the latest and most cutting-edge talents in the creative industries. This month, the forth issue is released, and Dazed caught up with editor Magnus to find out more about this ambitious publication...

Dazed Digital: What is the concept behind The Last Magazine? The caption, ‘Last things First,’ what does that mean to you?
Magnus Berger: The main idea of the magazine is to be a platform for new talent and inter-disciplinary collaborations. I feel most art forms become more interesting when you don't tell people what it is. Like when we did a shoot for print and video with choreographer Benjamin Millepied and Y-3 for the last issue. It was music, dance, fashion, photography and film applied to different media (print and video). ’Last things First’ is our more newsy front of the book section in the print edition, but also the main section of our online edition.

DD: What was the process behind realising The Last Magazine? How did the idea between yourself and Tenzin Wild arise?
Magnus Berger: I wanted to create a magazine but with both print and web in mind from the start and really utilize the unique possibilities of these medias. I asked Tenzin if he wanted to do it with me and he said yes.

DD: What do you think is the relationship between online and print magazines? Is there a media you prefer?
Magnus Berger: It's just two tools of expression like painting or sculpture. I like print because images look great on paper, and in our case also very large. But it's slow and it doesn't move - so that's where film and web is more fun.

DD: You have a film section on the website – how important do you think is it to team fashion with art and film? Why is it important?
Magnus Berger: I think it's important for disciplines to mix in general, otherwise it gets boring. So far fashion and film haven't really found each other, it's still in a stage where fashion photography is applied to film with models just swinging their hair at different frame rates. Moving image and film is not new but in the fashion world it's being talked about as something that started a few years ago. I think it will take a little time like it did with music videos.

DD: Is there any future talent you are particularly excited about at the moment, whether it be in art, music or fashion?
Magnus Berger: Read our new issue haha... There is this singer Anna von Hausswolff (she is in the new issue) who I really like. I saw her at Way Out West this summer.

DD: How do you make sure that your magazine retains its identity in a world satiated with fashion & culture magazines?
Magnus Berger: By only featuring things that you honestly really like. That's how you create your own voice. Don't put things in your magazine because you are supposed to like it or you think that others might.

DD: You have worked at internationally recognised and acclaimed branding agency Baron & Baron. How did you transfer your skills as an Art Director to the publication of The Last Magazine?

Magnus Berger: My work there was very image driven which was very educational and a great experience. But it was a different situation mainly because I was not making magazines and I was working under someone else (Fabien Baron).

DD: What does a normal day for Magnus Berger look like?
Magnus Berger: It's always different but me and Tenzin always make sure to brake for a nice lunch.

DD: What has been your proudest achievement to date?
Magnus Berger: I was a football goalie when I was a kid and had one entire seasonshutout. That's still hard to beat...

DD: What was your favourite publication growing up?
Magnus Berger: Dagens Nytheter ( a Swedish Daily Newspaper) and the sports comic Buster.

DD: What can we expect in this issue of The Last Mag?
Magnus Berger: It's all about interesting people, some better known than others. We are doing two covers this time featuring fashion by designers Joseph Altuzarra and Graeme Armour photographed by Maciek Kobielski. A twelve-year-old racecar driver. A
collaboration between artist Marco Perego and photographer Victor Demarchelier. What else…A boxer, a chef, a jewellery designer, film makers...The lower east side gallery, Invisible export. You'll see…

DD: What is next on the agenda with the magazine? Do you have any sideline  projects you can tell us about?
Magnus Berger: Besides the magazine me and Tenzin run a creative agency, Berger & Wild which keeps us busy with a lot of fun and interesting projects. It's advertising, film, web, books and branding for smaller clients like Graeme Armour, Richard Chai, VPL and Equipment to much bigger ones like Givenchy, Lancome, New Museum and Rizzoli.

The forth issue of The Last Magazine is available to buy now