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Digital Artist Jamie Shovlin's Daydreaming

Creating fiction and new myths, the artist presents his new show with a soundtrack from UNKLE.

Fascinated by the relationship between history, memory and storytelling, Jamie Shovlin constructs artistic realities. Represented by Haunch of Venison, he is taking part in James Lavelle’s Daydreaming show, which opens this weekend. A multi-faceted collaboration on many levels, the show runs for three days from the 27th-31st August and will involve film, material arts and even perfume. Curated around music by UNKLE, each work is a reaction to a piece of Lavelle's music, and except for Shovlin, the exhibition features work by film directors John Hillcoat and Jonathan Glazer, fashion label Boudicca, painter Jonas Burgert and Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja. Dazed caught up with Jamie Shovlin to find out more about his work and how he became involved with the Daydreaming show.

Dazed Digital: How did you come to be involved in the Daydreaming project?
Jamie Shovlin: I had a chat with James and he asked me to participate. We share a similar approach to doing things so it was petty easy to get involved.

DD: What new fictions can we expect from you this time? How have you woven them into the Daydreaming theme?
Jamie Shovlin: It's tricky with 'fictions' in regard to this type of interaction. Most of my previous stuff comes from a desire to create a world or a feel, full of inter-related connections. Which I manage, manipulate and shape. This project involves less control on my part, so it seemed natural to go with the work on a more intuitive level. As for Daydreaming,
I was more dealing with the track I had, which is pretty dreamy anyway.

DD: What draws you to create fictions? Where do you start?
Jamie Shovlin: I guess I see, hear, take on things that build, or suggest a movement towards a greater whole. It's not massively conscious, certainly not at the beginning. I start wherever I start.

DD: What is it like to build ideas and scenarios from scratch?
Jamie Shovlin: Fun. Godly.

DD: 'The truth is relative' - do you agree? How does this apply to your work?
Jamie Shovlin: I'd agree. I'm interested in relative to what though.

DD: How do you divide history, memory, fantasy and storytelling in your work?
Jamie Shovlin:
I don't - they all seem pretty much the same thing from a particular angle. Each affects the other and they are often interchangeable. Consensus seems to be the only thing that separates history and fantasy. And consensus changes with history, memory and delivery.

DD: What's next?
Jamie Shovlin:
A live gig where Lustfaust will score Hiker Meat, an early 1980s horror film by Jesus Rinzoli, at Grand Union, Birmingham in September. Followed by an archive of the making of Hiker Meat making at MACRO in Rome at the end of October.

Daydreaming, Haunch of Venison Gallery, 27th - 30th August