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Lives of the Artists Film Trailer

Energy drink brand Relentless is launching its second Lives of the Artists films and Dazed Digital brings you an exclusive trailer preview

Directed by Ross Cairns, the second installment of Relentless Energy Drink’s Lives of the Artists film series is an epic, cinematic experience that captures the pulsating heart of artistry via music and sport. Following up from last year’s Lives of the Artists documentary that featured Brit punks The Gallows and big wave surfers Fergal Smith, Tom Lowe and Mickey Smith journeying across the globe, this year’s film stars UNKLE’s James Lavelle and Xavier de le Rue and Jeremy Jones, where two of the world’s most acclaimed snowboarders ripped up Antarctica. Dazed Digital joined Cairns and Lavelle on UNKLE’s world tour, stopping off in Russia to capture the challenging and somewhat harrowing Moscow leg of the band’s psychedelic Where Did the Night Fall tour. “There’s a connective tissue between people who operate at the margins of capability, the extremes of obsession,” says Cairns. “Artists that push the boundaries, irrespective of whether they are snowboarders, skateboarders, musicians or painters. They’re all connected by that unwillingness to compromise, both emotionally and physically. It’s about overcoming fear and a personal fulfillment”.