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Hold Onto More

The Firm presents a unique exhibition of work by emerging artist Josephine Ada Chinonye Chime...

The Firm is proud to present a unique exhibition of work by emerging Hackney talent, Josephine Ada Chinonye Chime. Currently preparing for her debut solo show Hold Onto More, to be held at The Cube. Succeeding her successful series of illustrations - Bodacious Bodies, which explores the beauty of big and bold Chime’s new body of work sets to expand her artistic and conceptual horizon.

Succeeding international successful group shows in Beirut and Lisbon, collaborating with Cosmic Mega Brain, Mark McGowan and Mutate Britain, Chime's new body of work will be a firm declaration of the allure of the independent mind incased in an unconventional form. Over two floors will be vivid coloured texts, detailed patterned fabrics, beautifully erotic drawings all pulling you into Josephine Ada Chinonye Chime’s world of honest beauty existing in reality.

June 3rd - July 2nd 2010. Private view tonight from 7pm-10pm at The Cube, 155 Commercial Street, London, E1 6BJ. Viewed by appointment only, to book contact