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Sang Bleu Issue 5

Tattoo slash fashion magazine launches new issue with European tour of parties

New magazines hit the shelves every other week, it seems like. Most of them are gone by the next. Sang Bleu was founded in 2004 so it isn't exactly new (although still young), but it proves that a good idea and hard work will get you through a tough financial climate and an equally difficult publishing business. The magazine was launched as a tattoo magazine, but Sang Bleu will aesthetically please whether you believe in the power of ink or not. Founder and editor-in-chief Maxime Buchi is just about to drop issue 5 of Sang Bleu on his faithfull readership. The content ranges from features on "contemporary art, fashion, and humanities to tattooing, body modification, fetish and BDSM" and totals an impressive 308 pages. As always, the Sang Bleu style has attracted not only the finest photo subjects and text topics, but also excellent contributors. As a massive Thank You to the readers, Maxime will not have just one launch party, but four. Check out the Sang Bleu Facebook page for details on the London edition.

Dazed Digital: Sang Bleu started out as a tattoo/fashion publication - was there a gap in the market?
Maxime Büchi: I wouldn't speak in terms of market. I didn't have a notion of what the market was, really. I just catalyzed a certain spirit I could experience on a daily basis at that time. There turned out to be a relevant market though.

DD: Do you still have a strong tattoo angle?
Maxime Büchi: Of course. Though I wouldn't say the tattoos are an angle; they're a necessity. From my point of view, it simply has to be addressed if I want to continue to depict what is the most advanced and experimental in today's artistic culture.

DD: Is the new issue also a double issue?
Maxime Büchi: In one sense it is. This time, literally. It is only issue 5, but separated in 2 volumes, wrapped together.

DD: Who's on the cover?
Maxime Büchi: Cedric.

DD: What else is good in this issue?
Maxime Büchi: Haha, what a tough question. If it is inside, it has to be good! Really, what is good is the general spirit, the overall quality of the material and the organisation of it all as an editorial object. There has been a long road between issue 3/4 and issue 5. The editorial team is getting more coherent, I don't always have to explain what I am trying to do, which saves me a lot of time that I can instead dedicate to creative aspects & reflection.

DD: You are doing launch parties all over Europe  - Are you turning into a touring party organiser?
Maxime Büchi: Haha. Really, what we're doing is closer to gypsies endlessly roaming the world than some kind of Rock tour. I couldn't care less about filling clubs, what I like is to meet the contributors, the followers, have a chat if I can, create bounds, exchange smiles. That's what I feed myself on.

DD: Do you have many tattoos yourself?
Maxime Büchi: I do. Many. Some big ones, some small ones.

DD: A particular favourite ?
Maxime Büchi: Not really. They all relate to different times and events. They are me, my past, my present.

DD: What's next for Sang Bleu?
Maxime Büchi: We are developing the publishing house with Jeanne-Salomé Rochat. It is called "Sang Bleu éditeurs" (pretty straight-forward innit?). Under this label, we have started to publish art books, essays. There are many things we want to do. Sang Bleu magazine also has to evolve, because for now, we are still investing in it, and we would like to find a way to make it financially self-sufficient so that we can start to invest in these other projects. Among others, I am also working on one called 'Monographies' which consists of a series of experimental "sex-movies", uniquely published on internet. We just finished the first one in collaboration with Emmanuelle Antille.

Want to get hold of a copy? It's available at Oki-Ni

London Launch Party:
Saturday 10th of April
8pm - 3am
The Alibi, 91 Kingsland Road High Street
London E8 2PB