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Conchetinas' Argentinian Pop-up Theatre

Argentinian all-female collective brightens up your day through theatre and poetry

Conchetinas is a collective of female actors from Buenos Aires that perform spontaneously. They appear in unexpected locations reciting freeform poetry and performing skits from theatre in the hope of subverting the humdrum realities of day-to-day life and encouraging people to question what they would normally take for granted. The idea behind the troupe is very much a belief in what they can achieve together, rather than as individuals. “The most beautiful moment is when we connect and don’t stop,” they explain.

Dazed Digital: How would you describe your work?
Conchetinas: It’s a new world full of colours, love, music, nature and drama. We’re all about sacred performances and magical experiences.

DD: What first inspired you?
Conchetinas: A fatal attraction!

DD: Who do you want to see your performances?
Conchetinas: Friends, artists, and obviously, we would like some influential people to see them.

DD: What do you find inspiring about the Buenos Aires?
Conchetinas: The history of Argentine art is incredibly inspiring, but we also love the people here, the passion and the love stories that come out of this city.
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