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Prada S/S 97

Out of Print

A digital exhibition by acclaimed creative director David James explores the changing nature of fashion advertising and imagery over the last 20 years.

David James is still one of the most elusive creative directors in the industry yet you'll recognise his most well known work through his 14-year tenure as art director behind Prada's visual communications as well as his creative direction at AnOther magazine and more recently AnOther Man. James looks back on his 20 years of work that illustrates the power of imaginative images and eye-catching graphic design be it on record cover sleeves or fashion advertising campaigns. Eschewing a traditional book or gallery, James has instead opted for a limited-period exhibition entitled "Out of Print", that is entirely based on the web, laid out as a timeline that gives an overview of the changing values in advertising as print begins to lose ground to the internet. “As digital media becomes the dominant media, I want this exhibition to mark the beginning of a new way of working for the studio. Our practice is no longer focused on two-dimensional representations, but all possible dimensions”, explains James.

The exhibition begins with work from 1988 and features award-winning record sleeves by the likes of Soul II Soul which then leads up to his work for clients like Prada, Christian Dior and Alexander McQueen as well as AnOther Man and AnOther magazine. It ends with the Yang Fudong film for S/S 10 menswear recently debuted on's website acting as the only piece of video to leave an open-ended conclusion on the timeline. Accompanying commentary from James also runs alongside the exhibition to give further insight into the makings of these images.

'Out of Print'
Digital Exhibition by David James online until May 1 2010.