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We Love 77

The stark 'no future' punk rock aesthetic of 1977 is brilliantly captured in a fierce multimedia art exhibition

The number 77 is significant for artist duo Sardine and Tobleroni, not only because their latest show We Love 77 pays homage to the bands from the defining year of punk, but the exhibition itself depicts 77 bands, in 77 paintings, from before and after the crucial year. The exhibition is a cultural commentary of the historical context and the characteristic DIY ethos of the Punk movement.

“Most exhibitions about the punk era tend to be collections of documentary-style photographs, and are often about specific or obvious bands, like The Clash or The Sex Pistols,” says Tobleroni. “Our show embraces a lot more and it’s a tribute to the many punk bands, not the few. It is not about us, the artists, it is about the bands and it’s a celebration of the spirit of punk, the spirit of revolution, change, free-thinking, invention and liberation.”

Sardine and Tobleroni work together with mixed media on canvas, dividing the surface into two halves – the right hand side being painted by Sardine and the left hand side by Tobleroni. They describe their practice as “Conceptual Art Brut –the equivalent to what punk is in music”.

Also showing at the exhibition are four films. The first is X-ray Spex Live At The Roundhouse, 2008, the second PUNK: attitude a film by Don Letts, is is being shown in two parts, the third film is The History Of The Clash, and finally Zillah Minx's She's A Punk Rocker UK, which will be screened at WW during Time Out's First Thursdays inititative on March 4, followed by Q&A with the director and Rubella Ballet frontwoman Zillah Minx.

To close the show there will be a fashion show styled and directed by Natalie Farouz, who runs Shock & Soul vintage clothing store, which occupies part of The Merchant’s Hall on Essex Road, where the exhibition is being held. The fashion show kicks off during the closing party on Saturday 20 March 5-10pm and features one-off 1977-inspired designs by Happy Harriet & Oops alongside vintage pieces by Shock & Soul. The evening will end with an auction and a prize draw for Sardine and Tobleroni’s customised 1977 MC jacket.

The exhibition opens on 20 Febuary 20 and runs t=until March 21 at the WW Gallery’s pop-up venue at The Merchant’s Hall on Essex Road, North London. The gallery is open daily 12-6 pm.

Film Screenings
Sat Feb 20, 2pm PUNK: attitude a film by Don Letts (Part 1) (courtesy of Fremantlemedia Ltd)
Sun Feb 21, 2pm The History of the Clash (courtesy of Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd)
Sat Feb 27, 2pm PUNK: attitude a film by Don Letts (Part 2) (courtesy of Fremantlemedia Ltd)
Sun Feb 28, 2pm X-ray Spex live at the Roundhouse London 2008 (courtesy of Future Noise Music Ltd)

Time Out First Thursdays March 4,  6-9pm
6.45pm Screening of Zillah Minx's She's A Punk Rocker UK
7.30pm Q&A with director Zillah Minx, lead singer of 70s punk band Rubella Ballet
8.00pm Ginette Baker Q&A and reading from her new book It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: Memoirs of a Rock Star's Daughter 1974 – 1987

Closing Party Saturday 20 March 5-10pm
Final celebration with music and surprise guests
Shock & Soul We Love 77 Fashion Show
Auction of We Love 77 collectables
Draw for the We Love 77 MC jacket (tickets on sale throughout the show)