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Mock-up of graffiti mural exploring Fire by McFaul
Mock-up of graffiti mural exploring Fire by McFaul Studio

Tiger's Lucky Eight

Dazed and Tiger are gearing up for their Chinese New Year's event in London's Chinatown, which is part of Tiger's Lucky 8 programme.

Dazed and Tiger are ready to celebrate Chinese New Year in London’s Chinatown next Thursday with Dazed’s series of specially curated film, art, music and photography events. These represents three of the Tiger Lucky 8 events with an additional five events taking place all around the UK. Representing the elements of the Chinese zodiac; Earth, Wood, Metal, Water and Fire, the events have been curated by Josef O'Connor, the brains behind the Worthless pop-up exhibition. “When Tiger Beer invited me to curate 'The Tiger Lucky 8' I was adamant to work with a collection of talent who would revolutionize the way people interacted with Chinese New Year. The end result is a series of diverse and engaging exhibitions that respond intuitively towards the five elements of the Zodiac, whilst also demonstrating a rich breed of talent from across the UK,” explains Valentino.

Here is a full programme of events.

Water – Brighton West Pier – February 10th – 6pm-10pm
Founded by French artist Laurent Louyer, lighting studio Creatmosphere will use cutting edge projection technologies to light up the charred remains of the pier.

Earth – Manchester – February 13th – 6pm – 8pm
William Orbit, English National Ballet dancer Anna-Mi Fredriksson and the artist Pauline Amos together form Luxor which will be putting on an array of visuals, performance and sound. Amos will create a series of paintings live over the evening using natural Earth minerals whilst Frederiksson performs in reaction to the paintings, all set to an unheard track by Orbit.

Wood - Birmingham - Feb 15th to 19th - 6pm - 8pm
Birmingham born artist Chu proposes to construct a bespoke 3 dimensional Wooden cube, which will be filled inside with his unique 3-D art that can be viewed with 3-D hologram glasses.

Fire - Glasgow - Feb 18th
Artist John McFaul of McFaul Studio proposes to create a mural wall at an iconic location in the heart of Glasgow city centre, exploring the element of Fire.

Metal - London - Feb 23rd to 27th 6pm – 8pm
Founding member of MuTATE Britain, Joe Rush proposes to create a structural installation comprising of crushed cars and mechanical components arranged to create a natural landscape with a metal tiger crouched on top, symbolic because this particular year is that of the Metal Tiger.

Tiger Beer is also launching an iPhone application on January 15th, which will incorporate an Augmented Reality tool to point you to the best restaurants and bars to celebrate Chinese New Year in the main UK Chinatowns.

For full details on all of Tiger Beer’s Year of the Tiger Celebrations visit

Find out more about the Dazed and Tiger Beer Chinese New Year's Celebrations next Thursday on February 11 and more about the participating artists.