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Fontaine Anderson (Adelaide, Australia)

Blending Oriental motifs with Egyptian culture, the surrealist illustrator explores her wildest dreams

Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, illustrator and graphic designer Fontaine Anderson has been involved in commissions for various clients including Perks and Mini, Harper Collins Publishers, Yen magazine, Parallax, and Harkness Walker Design to name a few. Drawing inspiration from her dreams, an exotic combination of patterns from Japanese textiles, icons in Egyptian mythology, 1980s clip art, fashion and music, she has shaped her ideas and influences to form delicate looking and diverse drawings.

Dazed Digital: What inspires your work?

Fontaine Anderson: I'm a big fan of surrealism as an art movement, I am often inspired by my dreams and the random juxtaposition of disparate elements from fashion, nature and music.

WHAT... you think links your use of Japanese prints and Egyptian icons?
Both cultures fascinate me and I appreciate the aesthetic qualities of so many aspects of Japanese and Egyptian culture. I like to make each illustration a mixture of everything, sort of like a patchwork quilt.

... is your work all about?
I guess it is mostly about me and my response to what is happening around me. I like to think of my work as a dream that I can fall into when I feel the world is dreary or monotonous and disagreeable – there is definitely an element of escapism.
... is the one piece of work you wish you'd created?
I wish I had created the Miyazaki film Spirited Away, it's my favorite film and such a brilliant story.

... is the cleverest thing you ever did?
Moving from South Australia to London!

... do you do in your spare time other than drawing?
My answer was going to be more drawing! Apart from that travelling and making sushi.

... Where do you want to go with your illustrations?
All the way!