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Tilt in Shoreditch

Mixing fine art photography and sound installations, the three-part installation run by the ICA will be shown at BASH Creations

Lavish baroque-styled wigs, fine-art photography and sound-installations might not strike you as being likely bed partners but under the astute eye of curator Tracie Storey, they’ve converged to become the first installment of Tilt; a three-part exhibition run with the support of London’s ICA. As part of the A-Frame programme, an ongoing ICA project that encourages closer ties between business practices and creative-thinking, Storey has dedicated part one of the exhibition to themes of light and colour. Suffice to say that you can expect a psychedelic mélange of mind-bending contributions.

Tilt runs from October 10-11 at BASH Creations in Shoreditch.

All images copyright Ross Adams.