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Heavy Beats And Pencils

Two Finnish artists got together at the ICA last week and put their drawing skills to music.

What happens when pencil, markers and music get together? Finnish artists Ville Savimaa and Sac Magique can show you. Using their artistic skills they have been drawing and creating real-time, on-the-spot illustrations in response to music played by DJs.

Dazed Digital: What do you think attracts people to your art?
Ville: I really don’t know. I just try to be honest to myself and its wonderful if someone finds my work attractive.
Sac: The colours and characters I reckon. I've been described as colourful.

Dazed Digital: What music stimulates you more or less?
Ville: Any music with passion. Recently, I have got a lot of kicks from Animal Collective’s album "Here comes the Indians".
Sac: Skweee's been floating my boat for some time now – it's good to gyrate to.

Dazed Digital: What projects have you got going on at the moment and what’s lined up for the future?
Ville: At the moment, I am finishing one Illustration for Mokoma agency. They are organising a festival for Finnish music called "This Is Finland". Next in line is a poster for La Surprise, a new agency in Paris.
Sac: I have a bunch of exhibitions lined up for late summer and autumn in which I'll be showing some screen prints. There's also a periodical I'm working on with a colleague. That's going to be called “Fleshy Asides” – it's kind of an excuse to dick around but in a serious way.

Dazed Digital: Out of all the illustrations that you have created, which ones are your favourites?
Ville: I am into one work that I made for the ICA called "Portrait Before Friends". It’s quite new one.
Sac: I like some of the scenes I've created – it's fun to do something a little bit more complicated once in a while. I've also been having a crack at doing some patterns, one of which will be available as a textile in the Autumn. Making patterns is meditative.

Dazed Digital: Any upcoming exhibitions of your work?
Ville: I am having one in Berlin on August 15, and one in Pekka´s Showroom in Helsinki at the end of August.
Sac: Yeah, Ville and I Pekka’s show coming up on August 23 . I'll also be showing prints at the Here Gallery in Bristol in October. And something in Stockholm too.

Dazed: What cities, venues or environment are most responsive to your art?
Ville: I am living in Helsinki at the moment, and I suppose I have got a lot inspiration from here. I love this town.
Sac: Well, I'm not sure which is more responsive, but I like the thought of my work in the home – something you could live with and see every day.

Dazed Digital: What other forms of art are you interested in? What have you seen recently that you admired?
Sac: I like the video art of Bruce Nauman and Paul McCarthy – in both their work there is a mix of insanity and absurdity which is damned appealing. I'm also a big fan of ketchup and clowns.
Ville: I would like to do more video stuff, short stories and music videos. Music is one of my favourite ways to express myself. I am actually starting a band with Robin, called Oh Lucky, and we have one song being released by the ICA. It’s on a CD that includes a book with postcards from illustrators who have been in the Heavy Pencil evening.

Dazed Digital: One of the best tunes to paint with?
Ville: Scott Walker’s “It’s Raining Today”.
Sac: Bill Evans's “Conversations With Myself” is great – it's gently suggestive.