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Photography by Mike Ashy

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

A major new installation and exhibition by INSA, in collaboration with NIKE sportswear and IAM1

Notorious graffiti artist INSA has taken over 1948 (Nike's concept store in Shoreditch) with a major art installation and exhibition entitled ‘Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places’, a show which celebrates the relaunch of the iconic Nike Air Maxim.
INSA’s show is an epic multimedia experiment, mixing large-scale installations, canvases, photography, prints and exclusive products. The trademark hearts/asses prints that have made INSA’s name well-known all over the world boldly take over the outside space, and his monochrome style extends to the interior of the store. “The inverted hearts are a commodified version of love and success," he says. "Am I looking for love in all the wrong places? As long as I can be creative and enjoy the happiness of people around me, shouldn’t that be enough?”
One of the major centrepieces of the exhibition is the IAM1 Journey Nike Sportswear project. In seven days, INSA ran through London’s East End painting 35 pieces which fuse to create a stop-frame animation. This film, produced by Protein UK, forms part of an epic art installation, alongside a deconstruction of the project featuring exlusive behind-the-scenes processes and photography by Ether (INSA’s long term collaborative partner). The project merged the talents of Run DEM Crew, Charlie Dark and young producer Goldielocks.
The exhibition also extends INSA’S Graffiti fetish with a new set of PVC canvases. “Art is obsessive compulsive," he says." I will never be satisfied, it’s an ongoing need for creative release.”
The show, which launched on Thursday with an afterparty by Hugs and Thugs, is on public view now. Public show: Now-26th July (launched 16th July), 1948, Arches 477-478 Bateman’s Row, Shoreditch, London, EC2 3HH.