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Donald Trump drawing

A drawing by Donald Trump has been sold for $29k

The sketch of a Manhattan Skyline looks quite like a row of dicks tbh

2005 was a big year: bird flu was rampant, Kanye hit number one with “Gold Digger”, Hurricane Katrina waged havoc, YouTube was founded, Luther Vandross died. Additionally, Donald Trump drew this absolutely shite sketch of the Manhattan Skyline, and in the year 2017 it sold for $29,184.

The ‘artwork’ was drawn and signed by the then reality star businessman/now President of the U.S for a charity auction in 2005, fundraising for child literacy. The winner later, as the BBC reports, passed it onto LA’s Nate D Sanders auction house.

“It’s a piece of art from a U.S. President, so it’s attracted interest from not just Trump followers, but also presidential memorabilia collectors,” Michael Kirk, an auctioneer, told artnet News. “It’s received a lot of global press, so the interest level has been high. The piece has received some five times more than our normal auction traffic.”

Trump’s drawing of New York doesn’t feature any of the big landmarks often associated with the city’s skyline – the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building – but of course, Trump Tower takes pride and place in the centre.

According to the auction house, there are two other variants of the drawing, sketched on the back of a large envelope. The other two pieces have slightly differing skylines. The auction, which took place last week, saw 11 bids for the Trump production, where bidding started at $9,000.

The sketch did not however fetch the largest sum at the auction, which had over 200 pieces up for bidding. A signed photograph of Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue sold for $125,000, nabbing the top spot.

It is unlikely Trump has any creative bone in his body, nor does he seem to have any interest or empathy for the arts, or those in creative industries: his policies threaten to completely abolish the National Endowment of the Arts. However, a bill was put through by the House of Appropriations committee last week that grants $145 million to the fund through to 2018 at least.

Actual artists have for some time now been using the president for inspiration: from Illma Gore’s provocative work, to the Nasty Women exhibition, the ‘Pay Trump Bribes Here’ performance outside Trump Tower and Anish Kapoor’s repurposing of Joseph Beuys’ 1974 performance art as a comment on the current administration.