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Woman destroys art taking selfie
via LiveLeak

Woman destroys $200k worth of art trying to get a selfie

Watch as plinths housing priceless artwork tumble like dominoes

Selfies are dangerous. They kill more people per year than sharks do. There were six selfie-related deaths in June of this year alone. Multitudes have slipped off of cliffs to their deaths in pursuit of the perfect selfie, and now, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of pricless art has been destroyed at the hands of one woman.

An art exhibition in Los Angeles was partially destroyed earlier this month, when a woman thought to take a selfie a bit too close to the fragile row of plinths housing art by Simon Birch (the artist, not the life-saving swimmer). The entire row of art toppled like dominoes, which resulted in $200,000 of damage. Three of the sculptures on display at The 14th Factory were “permanently damaged”.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. Which means watching the entire episode caught on CCTV is guilt-free. If you still haven’t figured it out, check out our guide on how to not die taking a selfie.