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Police patrol Welsh village that may have a secret LSD stash

A lot of acid is said to be buried in the woods close to the site of what was once one of the biggest LSD manufacturers in the world

Police have descended on a small village in west Wales, where a massive stash of LSD is said to be hiding. Treasure hunt?

Apparently, the mystery surrounding the huge amount of acid said to be secreted away in Carno dates back four decades. In 1977, an investigation named Operation Julie foiled a massive drugs factory in a mansion that was apparently supplying the UK with 90 percent of its LSD hits. According to the Guardian, a detective named Stephen Bentley, who was involved in the original case, thinks the stash could still be sitting about somewhere.

Bentley’s book, Undercover: Operation Julie – The Inside Story, states that a gang member claimed some LSD had been buried in the woodland near Plas Llysyn.

Local police have warned people in the village that there might be an influx of unknowns, coming to Carno to hunt some acid. Patrols have been stepped up around the village and the house originally busted for its drug factory.

A police spokesperson said: “Dyfed-Powys police are aware of the issue and are assessing the content of the disclosure. We will be checking the records we hold to establish whether or not matters raised warrant further investigation.

“In the meantime we will be making the current owners of Plas Llysyn aware of the disclosure and the potential for persons to visit the area in an attempt to locate the drugs. We will be providing them with reassurance through increased patrols.

“We would also like to make it clear Dyfed-Powys police take a robust approach to drug trafficking and that appropriate action will be taken in respect of anyone suspected of using the information disclosed to assist them in obtaining and supplying controlled drugs.” 

The original investigation, named after Sgt Julie Taylor (who has the song “Julie’s Been Working For the Drug Squad” by the Clash named after her), was brought about after a car crash in Machynlleth involving a gang member saw police find a note with key ingredients for LSD on it. 800 police officers – a few disguised as hippies who fought with cops to keep up some bizarre pretence – went undercover. One group of undercover agents were suspected as a gay cult by locals.

Months later, authorities seized 1 million tabs and materials to make 6.5 million more. 120 people were arrested, and 15 convicted. It caused LSD prices to escalate from £1 to £5.