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andy warhol

Andy Warhol will star in a documentary shot by Andy Warhol

Footage that the late art pop provocateur filmed of himself will be used for a new doc

Andy Warhol is going to star in a documentary shot by… himself? Director Göran Hugo Olsson is going to use footage shot in the 70s by Warhol and others – Peter Beard, Jonas Mekas, Albert Maysles and Vincent Fremont – for a documentary titled That Summer. It will tell the story of how artists and socialites gathered in Montauk and created the most unlikely of creative communities, and features footage of the Beales, which pre-dates Maysles’ cult documentary Grey Gardens.

Montauk in the 70s was a creative hub. Warhol spoke about his Montauk estate, which he purchased with director Paul Morrisey for $225,000, extensively in his compiled The Andy Warhol Diaries. The Long Island beach house was a place where the who’s-who of downtown congregated for a weekend away, including Liza Manelli, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jackie Kennedy Onassis. It was sold for $50 million in 2015.

“Looks like the place won't be rented until maybe August if Bianca (Jagger) wants it. People don’t like it that all the rocks make swimming difficult, and that Montauk is so far away. It's not for sissies,” Warhol wrote about his getaway in June 1977.

In July 1977, he said, “The kids called from Montauk, everybody was there. Jan Cushing, Jackie Rogers, François de Menil and Jennifer Jakobson, Barbara Allen. Mick (Jagger) had moved over from Peter Beard’s and spent tie in one of the bedrooms with Barbara.”

Olsson will splice together all of the found footage much like he did with his Sundance-winning documentary Black Power Mixtape, which tells the story of the Black Power movement in the US using footage from Swedish journalists.