Watch Jaden Smith beat up superheroes in new ‘Batman’ video

‘Batman, Batman, Batman, why you look flyer than hell?’

Not long after being hailed as the next Nirvana by Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, Jaden Smith has assumed yet another coveted position: Batman’s.

Filmed sometime before he cut off his dreads, the latest video from the out-there teen sees him don a white Batman suit, which some might recognise as his outfit for Kim and Kanye’s wedding in 2014. There’s also a little shout out to Frank Ocean as a copy of Boys Don’t Cry rests on the dining table in the intro.

Produced by Omarr Rambert, who previously composed the soundtrack to Smith’s The Karate Kid remake, Batman is basically Jumpman meets Migos – in Gotham City. Lyrics aside, the track is actually a bit of a banger. And teamed with the visual of Smith beating up other superheroes on a crowded pavement by the time he dabs you’re thinking – well at least this video might make some good gifs.

With many nods to his inspirations, we’re wondering who he will channel next in order to complete his K-Pop transformation.

Watch the video above.