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A Studio Ghibli theme park is coming to Japan

It will be set in the fantasy world of My Neighbour Totoro

A new Studio Ghibli theme park, set in the fantasy world of My Neighbour Totoro, is coming to Japan.

The site, known as “Park Ghibli”, will reportedly be located on a 200-hectare plot of land just outside of Nagoya. According to Kotaku, fans will be given the chance to enter a sprawling, real-life version of the production house’s iconic My Neighbour Totoro – a film about friendly wood spirits in postwar rural JapanAnd, while details of what exactly will be in the park are scarce, visitors will apparently be given the chance to enjoy a “rich natural environment full of seasonal flowers and trees.” 

Currently, a 2005-built replica of Satsuki and Mei’s house from the original My Neighbour Totoro is open on the same site, but these new developments will see it expand into a larger, more immersive theme park experience. The park follows the opening of an IRL pop-up Ghibli shop in Paris, as well as a huge exhibition of memorabilia from the studio’s films in Tokyo.

Park Ghibli is slated to open in 2020.