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Magic mushrooms are the safest drug you can take

According to this year’s Global Drug Survey, shrooms could be five times less dangerous than LSD, cocaine or MDMA

According to this year’s Global Drug Survey, the safest drug you can take recreationally is Magic Mushrooms.

In a survey of over 12,0000 people spanning across 50 countries, results found that only 0.2 per cent of participants reported having to seek emergency medical treatment after taking the drug. This percentage was at least five times higher when it came to other recreational drugs such as cocaine, LSD and MDMA.

The survey was led by Dr. Adam Winstock of King’s College London, who has previously spoken out about the importance of a more “honest” acknowledgement of drug use in UK nightclubs. Speaking about the results of this, the largest annual drug survey, he says: “Although the different psilocybin mushrooms across the world vary in size shape and potency, in terms of their toxicity they relatively safe with few and relatively mild adverse effect.”

Winstock points out however, that one must not be careless when taking Magic Mushrooms, which contain psychedelic compounds like psilocybin, psilocin.

“Combined use with alcohol and use within risky or unfamiliar settings increases the risks of harm,” he says, “ most commonly accidental injury, panic and short lived confusion, disorientation and fears of losing one's mind.” He adds however that out of all the psychedelics assessed in GDS2017, “shrooms” still presented the lowest instances of negative or challenging experiences.

The real danger lies in the picking of the wrong type of mushroom, some of which can be dangerously toxic when consumed. The best advice, according to Winstock, is that if you are planning in taking Magic Mushrooms, “pick them with someone who knows what they’re looking for.”

He added: “Because of variations in potency, test dosing and gradual increase in dosing is suggested especially among naive users. Tolerance to psychedelic effects builds up quickly on repeat dosing and the potential for physical or psychological dependence is extremely low.” 

The results of GDS2017, according to Winstock, indicate a need to reform drug policy on the subject of psychedelics, with their potential to be used in mental health treatment being a big consideration when trying to separate them from more potentially dangerous recreational drugs.

 “Drug laws need to balance the positives and problems they can create in society and well crafted laws should nudge people to find the right balance for themselves.”