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Mail your ashes to the Republicans if Trumpcare kills you

A new website claims that many people will die thanks to Trumpcare and the Republicans deserve to know it

Most people want to be remembered after their death for their positive traits. But for some vengeful Americans, their afterlife might be a little more political. This is thanks to a student who has set up a website where you can ship your ashes to a member of Congress if you die because of the new Republican health plan.

Zoey Salsbury, a student at American University based in Washington D.C., created Mail Me to the GOP after watching House Republicans pass an Obamacare repeal bill called the American Health Care Act (AHCA) this week.

It was so popular it crashed shortly after its launch.

"I believe both my friends and I could die if this repeal goes through," Salsbury told Dazed. "I rely on meds to keep my depression and chronic pain disorders stable. My best friend has Type-1 diabetes, along with other illnesses and if she can't afford her insulin she will literally die."

Salsbury admitted that website fuction on Mail Me to the GOP is pretty basic at the moment as the website is being used to collect contact details and testimonies.

However she has also added buttons onto the website so people can donate to Swing Left, a national grassroots network aiming to unseat the Republicans who voted for the bill, and another button allowing people to call their Senators to try and stop the AHCA bill.

"I want to be clear – I never ever want this to have to happen," said Salsbury. "I want this bill to die in the Senate, instead of us dying. But, if it doesn't, I've already had one estate planner tell me this is by far one of the least weird requests they've seen, so it's totally doable."

The AHCA bill would leave millions without health insurance, and those with pre-existing conditions would be left in a precarious position.

Women in particular would be targeted, as the AHCA would defund Planned Parenthood for at least a year and scrap subsidies for abortion, meaning that rape victims would be left with no options for unplanned pregancies.

However, despite passing the House with a total of 217 “yes” votes to 213 “no” votes it hasn't yet passed through the Senate and looks unlikely to do so (thank fuck).

Salsbury said that the Obamacare is wildly misunderstood by many in the States, but that slowly people are cottoning on to how important it is.

"Its approval rating has shot up since the repeal efforts began," she said. "People are starting to realise that even if they thought it didn't do anything for them, it did. It let their kids stay on their insurance through college. It's why they have free birth control."