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Police pelted with Pepsi cans at May Day protest


Police at an anti-Trump protest in Portland were pelted with full cans of Pepsi yesterday, in a nod to the soft drink’s shambolic Kendall Jenner commercial from last month.

The pro-labour “May Day” march reportedly turned violent when demonstrators began throwing “rocks” and “lead balls” at officers. According to the official Portland Police twitter account, “full cans” of Pepsi were thrown, with one hitting – though not injuring – a medic on the scene.

Another officer was also pictured being offered the soft drink, in an echo of the advert’s closing scenes. “Police took some shields from anarchists, anarchists grouped up toward cops,” wrote one Twitter user. “One tried to hand Pepsi to cop, unsuccessfully.”

The original advert – which shows Kendall Jenner placate police with a Pepsi during a tense protest – was widely ridiculed, with the brand pulling the “tone-deaf” clip less than 24 hours after its release. As a result, Pepsi was heavily referenced at the protest, with placards using its classic red, white and blue colours to mock up new logos and slogans for the company (“promise not to shoot us now?” was one strong example).

Reports claim that three people were arrested after anarchists damaged a police car and began to start fires in the street. Portland police tweeted shortly after to say that they had shut down the demonstration “due to numerous incidents of thrown projectiles, incendiary devices and other unsafe conditions”. 

Sometimes a cool can of soda just won’t cut it, I guess. Watch the original ad below, for old time's sake: