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Black Mirror

A new exhibition is bringing Black Mirror to life

One step closer to the dystopian near-future

In this bizarre time, newspaper headlines sound like specs for dystopian TV shows, post-truth prevails over fact, and our politicians want to see us hurtle into the burning sun. As Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror series becomes more plausible when compared with our IRL shit, a new exhibition is bringing the show even closer to the bone.

Into the Unknown: A Journey Through Science Fiction will take place at London’s Barbican centre later this summer, exploring how sci-fi permeates popular culture. The exhibition will screen bits of the Black Mirror episode, “15 Million Merits”, which features Get Out’s Daniel Kaluuya. 

The episode looked to a future where people earned points by monotonously riding on exercise bikes all day, which they could barter and live with: if enough points were gained, people could use their merits to audition for reality TV judges. Life is banal, lived constantly surrounded by screens, but then things get dark when someone tries to break away.

According to the Evening Standard, the large video installation will feature elements of the episode and an immersive entrance. The entire exhibit will also feature props and parts of Alien, Godzilla and Jurassic Park

Into the Unknown: A Journey Through Science Fiction comes to the Barbican Centre June 3 to September 1.