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Photograph by Nick Ballon

YCE: Village Underground

Auro Foxcroft has the "credit cunt" to thank for his recycled train carriage art space.

If you’ve always wondered what those four graffitied London Underground subway carriages are doing perched incongruously atop a grimy building on Shoreditch’s Great Eastern Street, look no further than Auro Foxcroft, founder of Village Underground, whose project to create an international network of low-cost cultural spaces and a global creative community stemmed from an inability to find any studio space cheap enough to work in after he graduated. Inspired by the terror of having to get a real job, Auro does most of his work “from a recycled tube train, or my bed,” and describes the “credit cunt” as “a good thing. Creativity goes up when the cash goes down.”

Auro Foxcroft’s Whistlestop Tour of the Village Underground Art Community

Aisle 16
This collective of poets, novelists, writers and comedians run Homework, a monthly night of literary miscellany.

Nabokov Theatre Company
The purveyors of the finest in backlash theatre – check out the multi-arts event they hold at Village Underground, the Nabokov Arts Club.

Dark, mind-blowing, and very weird! Immersive interactive theatre at its best. Go and see it for yourself, theatre doesn’t get better than this.

Secret Wars
A black and white live art battle hosted in cities across the globe. Artists go head to head for 90-minutes using only black marker pens. The crowd then decide the winner, screamometer style.

The Odyssey Media Collective
Soon to launch inspired Flight, a three-pronged zine with its content spread across the web, DVD and print media. It will operate as a creative platform for practitioners from around the world.

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