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Riposte posters for International Women's Day
Tracy MaCourtesy of Riposte

Get your hands on these girl power posters for a good cause

Riposte magazine has commissioned six female artists to interpret the importance of persistence – with proceeds from the sales going to charity

The magazine for powerful and intelligent women, Riposte has commissioned six female artists in celebration of International Women’s Day. All available for purchase now, Lakwena Maciver, Lynnie Zulu, Paula Scher, Sonya Dyakova, Top Girl Studio, and Tracy Ma have each created a poster that interprets the word ‘persist’ – with proceeds going to Women for Women.

The idea for the series stems back to last February when Senator Elizabeth Warren was silenced as she read a letter from Loretta Scott King on the senate floor in criticism of Senator Jeff Sessions being nominated as Trump’s attorney general. Warren hit back – taking to Facebook Live to finish the letter in full. The gesture has since become a symbol of persistence in the fight against inequality.

"The silencing of Elizabeth Warren was really shocking and it was representative of a man in a position of power using his influence to silence a woman when she was saying something he didn’t agree with”, says Riposte founder and editor, Danielle Pender. "‘Persist' seemed like the perfect word to base the commissions on and the designers and artists involved have created brilliant works in response.

“It is a word that very much sums up the times we live in. For me, it's a reminder that things don't come easy no matter what you're trying to do – whether that's a life's work of activism for people like Gloria Steinem or something on a much smaller scale like making a magazine. To achieve anything you’ve got to persist and get past the things that will no doubt challenge you."

“To achieve anything you’ve got to persist and get past the things that will no doubt challenge you” – Danielle Pender

Lynnie Zulu

“My concept was to produce something that focused on pushing women, to find their moment, and realise how extraordinary they are and can be. When designing the print it was important to me, to keep the design bold yet simple, so I could focus on the wording itself. To me persist is about moving forward and being your future.
Anna Potter, Top Girl Studio

I am completely inspired by women, there is so much that I want to capture and do justice to in my work. I want the illustrations to radiate and make people feel good, to emit a positive energy. I hope that they convey an inspiring and passionate mood to all women in the world.”

Sonya Dyakova

“We thought the quote by Sylvia Plath precisely reflected the theme of persistence.
The rhythm, and the determination of the heart beat ‘I am, I am, I am’ is an eternal reminder of where to look for reassurance in a difficult moment.

Persistence is an idea.
Persistence is an act.
Persistence is a driving force of life.
Although Sylvia Plath has taken her own life, her ideas and will to create made her immortal. And even if her heart has stopped beating, her poems make our hearts beat faster.”

Paula Scher

“My poster repeats the word ‘Persist’ and in its layout enlarges the message to ‘persist — resist — sister’ — advice we all need to take."

All posters available now with proceeds going to Women for Women, whose work centres around assisting women from war-torn areas