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Leiza will be ‘the perfect submissive’via Lumi Dolls

Europe opens its first ever sex doll brothel

Sorry, I mean ‘agency’

Good news for those of you who like your women smooth, silent, and void of all consciousness: Europe has now opened its first ever sex doll brothel. 

The Barcelona-based agency, known as “LumiDolls”, is currently offering “pleasurable, exciting and erotic” experiences with “totally realistic” silicon figures. According to its official website, interested clients can expect to spend upwards of €80 an hour.

“All our dolls, like all women, have oral, vaginal and anal cavities,” the company boasts. “You tell us how you prefer to find it, what kind of clothes you want it to wear, and what situation you want it to be in.”

The LumiDolls website goes on to list the details of the four available dolls. There’s Katy, a blonde with “large breasts” and a “penetrating gaze”, and Leiza, a “submissive” black model with a “sculptural body”. There’s also Lily, an Asian redhead with a “captivatingly innocent” look, and Aki, who is made for “all the lovers of Japanese Anime”. Each doll is disinfected before each use.

“We take care of every detail,” LumiDoll adds. “In each room, you will find a large plasma TV where you can recreate a series of films to help you to get into the situation. Along with the dim candlelight and your SexDoll at your side, it will be a unique experience.”

If you, like me, feel like setting the world on fire right now, it’s worth remembering that these kinds of brothels have been around for years. This is just the first of its kind to appear in Europe – though there are rumours of London following suit. Last year, entrepreneur Bradley Charvet revealed his plans to use sex robots to open a “fellatio” cafe in the capital. 

In an interview with Dazed last year, RealDoll CEO Matt McMullen – who specialises in the manufacturing of lifelike sex robots – explained the growing popularity of the trend. According to him, the dolls serve as an “alternative” to human relationships. “Many customers write to us expressing the positive changes that having a RealDoll has brought to their lives, alleviating loneliness and aiding in social anxiety,” he explained.

“It may very well improve the way we interact with each other in that positive interactions will lead to positive feedback... Whether they will be a full replacement for a sex partner will remain to be seen and will be based on preferences of individuals.” 

Learn more about LumiDoll on the official website here, or find the actual brothel near the big Mango in central Barcelona.