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What the hell is ‘#bagelgate’? An investigation

Demystifying how a train journey started with some bagel-based fun and ended with a police altercation

If there were Oscars for the most moving viral videos, #BagelGate would undoubtedly win.

The two-minute video – dubbed “Lord of the flies, but with bagels” – was shared by 25-year-old Dougie Stew on Snapchat on Saturday night. It captures a normal journey home on the last train out of London to Peterborough, and includes train carriage camaraderie, food-based assault and gripping fight scenes. According to Stew, the surreal anarchy was heightened by the fact that there seemed to be many events going on in the carriage, all tied together by an endless onslaught of bagels.

“There were two different events going on. One was a verbal then a physical fight between two groups of girls, the other was an onslaught of bagels to a random guy’s head,” he tells Dazed. “It seemed like the girls behind him had a never ending amount of bagels on them to the enjoyment of the rest of the carriage but not to the poor guy.”

See the full clip below:

The video has since gone viral – but why? And what is actually happening? From what we can see, the footage shows a woman putting a bagel on her head voluntarily while passengers chant: “She’s got a bagel on her head”. Two rival groups of women lunge towards each other while shrieking (apparently one of them thought the other one looked at her funny). Their friends then appear to successfully form a physical barrier between them.

At the same time, the bagel rage begins. A man is targeted by a group of women sitting behind him, who seem to have an unlimited stream of bagels at their disposal. They then place (Stew estimates) around 10 bagels on his head. Passengers begin singing “He’s got a bagel on his head” to the tune of the hymn “He’s got the whole world in his hands” before finally starting to throw them out the window. He then stands up and shouts: “Fuck off! Get the fuck out of my face!”

Another group of passengers from another carriage then start a fight on the platform when the train reaches another location. “It all kicked off at Potters Bar where another group started fighting and took some of the lads outside to settle their differences,” Stew explains. “We were held at the station by police for about half an hour until it was all resolved. As soon as the police left everyone was best friends again.”

As for the bagel victim – Stew confirms that he survived the incident, and ultimately he did get an apology. “I think at that time of night they could have been fighting over anything,” he says. “Yeah the bagel guy got an apology and like I said, everyone was best friends by the end of it.”