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George, Steve Rosenthal

Future Greats

The Salon Gallery introduces the next generation of groundbreaking artists

The Future Greats exhibition at The Salon Gallery showcases artists that might just become household names over the next decade. Curated by Samir Ceric the show features everything from Steve Rosenthal's gay icon series – comprised of thousands of tiny deconstructions of homo-erotic images – and Dorothy Yoon's meditations on blonde ambition, to Brian Fitzgerald's searing exploration of paedophilic priests in the Roman Catholic church and Sarah Maple's investigations into feminism. We caught up with the curator to ask him how it all came about...

Dazed Digital: Do you think it's important that young artists engage politically?
Samir Ceric:
Absolutely. They always have and they always will as far as I am concerned. Too much is brushed under the carpet and society often needs brave souls to bring very important issues to the forefront of the public eye.

DD: Is there a common quality all of these artists share?
 They are all outstanding achievers that possess an extraordinary skill, talent and ability to tackle various social, cultural and political issues without coming across as judgemental.

DD: What draws you to an artist, what do you look for in their work?
 I am looking for a talent that goes beyond a great piece of art. I am looking for the personality to match that creativity; I am looking for very articulate individuals who have some sort of mission they want to achieve; those that will feel comfortable talking about their work, discussing their work, having their work both positively and negatively critiqued by both the establishment and the public at large; those whose work represents food for thought and provokes reaction, be it positive or negative.

DD: What do you consider to be the role of the artist in society?
 As far as I am concerned artists should be involved in creating a better balance in society – exposing the world’s imbalances when it comes down to share of wealth; taking leads in important issues such as carbon footprint, global warming and wars; they should always challenge the status quo and they should have no fear to speak their mind though their art. If I had it my way, artists would be society’s leaders and would manage our development on both a spiritual and material level.

DD: Where do you see these artists ten years from now?
 Some of them, such as Sarah Maple and Dorothy Yoon, fall in the category of quick starters, and they are already attracting attention of the international arts community on the highest level. If my predictions are correct, we will see them representing their respective countries at the likes of Venice Biennial and having major museums shows.

Future Greats is at The Salon Gallery from June 11 – July 11