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Rose McGowan
via @rosemcgowan / Instagram

Rose McGowan says Hollywood studio boss raped her

The actor has added to the #WhyWomenDontReport hashtag, detailing how she was told she would ‘never win’ against her attacker

In a series of tweets, actor Rose McGowan has spoken out about her rape and the “studio head” perpetrator, detailing how a lawyer told her that, in court, she “would never win” against her abuser.

McGowan picked up on the trending hashtag #WhyWomenDontReport, which has been utilised by survivors to relate why women don’t report their sexual assaults. Many detail the victim-blaming culture that surrounds sexual assault cases, that's engrained in the justice system. The actor and activist referenced her own rape at the hands of a “studio head” in Hollywood, something she claims is an open secret in the industry.

She detailed that it was because she had participated in sex scenes in films that her lawyer advised her not to pursue the case, as it would more than likely fail.

The Doom Generation star has also recently spoken out about Donald Trump, encouraging women voters to use their voices to stop the Republican candidate from winning the presidential election. This comes at a time when Trump faces multiple accusations of rape, sexual assault and harassment.

“Let me get this straight. Donald Trump, if I'm flat-chested I'm not a ‘10?’” McGowan asserted in the video for

“If I get pregnant, it's an ‘inconvenience’ for my employer? If I'm breastfeeding, I'm ‘disgusting?’ If I have an abortion, I should be ‘punished?’ If I'm a wife, I shouldn't work because that's ‘dangerous?’” she said.