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Politicians in Poland plan to keep pushing abortion ban

The ruling party claim they will continue working towards tighter legislation, despite parliament's rejection and mass strikes by women

Poland’s ruling party claim that they will continue in their fight to introduce harsher anti-abortion legislation.

Despite parliament’s rejection of the party’s previous proposal for a stricter abortion ban, and the thousands of people that marched in Poland and across the world on Black Monday, Jaroslaw Kaczynski of the Law and Justice Party told the Polish PAP news agency: “We will strive to ensure that even in pregnancies which are very difficult, when a child is sure to die, strongly deformed, women end up giving birth so that the child can be baptised, buried, and have a name.”

Abortion is restricted in Poland by a 1993 law that acts as one of the most conservative in the world. Recent protest came about because of the government’s push for a policy change that would make cases of fatal fetal abnormalities and deformities illegal to abort; rape victims or other survivors of crime and abuse (even children) could not terminate a pregnancy, and miscarriages would be investigated as potentially “criminal”. Between 10,000 and 150,000 illegal abortions take place in Poland each year because of the already strict laws, otherwise about 1,000 to 2,000 are legal, reports BBC News.

Of those that are currently legal are cases involving Down Syndrome, which the ruling party leader wants to change, according to the Independent. He said: “We hope that soon this will not be the case. This is our goal. This must be prepared in the right way, however. The public also need to be convinced, particularly women, and we will do it.”

A recent Ipsos opinion poll showed that only 11 per cent of the population were in favour of such imposing changes. Almost half said the existing legislation should remain unchanged, with more than a third stating that abortion should be more widely available.

Despite the public consciousness, Kaczynski stated that his party was working on more restrictive legislation.