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Polish minister suggests a u-turn on abortion ban

Protestors have finally prompted the government to “think,” does this mean the government has seen the error of their ways?

After a wave of mass protests about Poland’s draconian abortion laws took place on the country’s streets sparking international demonstrations in solidarity, the government appear to have changed their mind.

In a surprising move, it looks like the Polish government is bending to appease the 100,000 women, many dressed in all-black, who pledged to strike from work over a proposed abortion ban. Comments from the minister of science and higher education today suggested the reaction to the unpopular proposal may have influenced lawmakers. Jarosław Gowin said the action had “caused us to think and taught us humility”.

This is probably music to the ears of women in Poland who are often forced to travel to Germany and surrounding countries to gain access to the procedure. Others order abortion pills online as currently the only exceptions made are for cases of rape, incest, foetal damage and cases where the mother’s life is at risk. Now the rightwing government might hold off on increasing these restrictions.

A recent Ipsos opinion poll showed that only 11 per cent of the population were in favour of tightening abortion laws. Almost half said the existing legislation should remain unchanged, with more than a third stating that abortion should be more widely available. It remains unconfirmed how exactly the government will react to such passionate opposition.