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Watch the trailer for Jim Jarmusch’s new film Paterson

The simple’s make beautiful in the filmmaker’s latest offering, with Adam Driver starring as a bus driver-slash-poet plodding through life

A trailer for Jim Jarmusch’s latest film Paterson, starring Adam Driver (Girls, Frances Ha) has been released.

The film by the Only Lovers Left Alive director follows the quiet, subdued existence of Paterson (Driver), a bus driver in the city of Paterson, New Jersey across a week of dog walking, bus driving, and writing reflective poetry in his journal.

Despite encouragement from his loving wife (Golshifteh Farahani), Paterson refuses to share his burning talent with the world. While navigating routine, a tragedy takes place that disrupts his life. The trailer says: “beauty is often found in the smallest details”.

Speaking to Indiewire, Driver said how he took the part even before reading the script or meeting Jarmusch, because he admired his work so much.

“It was a bonus that I actually thought it was really beautiful,” he added.

Speaking about the little dialogue and considered pace of Paterson, Driver said: “It seemed bold to me that Jim thought the power of thought was cinematic enough that people would be interested in watching that. Also, the character’s main action in the movie was to listen. I loved that.”

Driver got his bus driving license after spending two months training in New York to help him get into character. “It just seemed to be a huge part of his character so I wanted to be comfortable doing it,” Driver explained. “I feel like you can always tell when someone is in unfamiliar territory, pushing nobs when they don’t know what’s going on.” 

Paterson has premiered at New York Film Festival, with a general release planned for December 28.