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Grindr users reveal how they’re voting in the US elections

The gay dating app has released the results of its survey as part of a campaign to get LGBT people voting

Because you’re not going to get such unbiased answers anywhere else, gay dating and social network app Grindr has revealed its American users’ opinions on the US presidential candidates and elections.

The results have been released following the first presidential debate of 2016’s run, with users polled on an in-app survey. 54.7 per cent of users said they were very likely to vote in the upcoming election, whereas 30 per cent said they weren’t likely to take part. The biggest reason for Grindr users voting at all? Donald Trump, according to the survey.

Trump has in the past revealed that he would “consider” getting conservative Supreme Court justices in to see equal marriage abolished. He also pledged to sign a law that would allow discrimination against LGBT people by landlords, healthcare providers, employers and businesses that held opposing religious beliefs. The Republican has also spoken at several anti-LGBT events. Despite all this, he’s claimed he’s the better candidate for LGBT people, compared to Clinton.

However, only 15.1 per cent of respondents said they would give the Republican candidate their vote, with Hillary Clinton winning the gay dating app’s biggest margin at 68.7 per cent. Clinton spoke openly against equal marriage in 2004, and stood by her husband Bill’s presidency, which put through two major anti-LGBT policies in the 90s. In addition, neither she or Obama fully came out in support of same sex marriage in their 2008 run. Now, her new campaign has 24 separate pledges that are pro-LGBT. The Human Rights Campaign has openly endorsed Clinton as a candidate.

A similar poll by NBC News recently found 72 per cent of LGBT voters were backing the Democrat, with 20 per cent going for the blond meatball.

Over 200 pieces of anti-LGBT legislation have been proposed across the United States in the last year – the decrees blocking inclusive bathrooms that allow transgender people to use the gendered bathrooms of their choice, and the Mississippi bill that acts as a “religious freedom” law that gives businesses the authority to refuse same-sex couples service, to name a few. Grindr also noted that 69.7 per cent of their users don’t know who their LGBT or LGBT-allied officials fighting for equality are on any government level, however.

US LGBT officials can be found here, as Grindr continues to campaign to get its users to use their voice and vote with Grind the Vote.