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Henri Draws

This cryptic illustrator's work is an allegorical construction that speaks for itself

The name Henri Draws is about as much information as this illustrator will give you, preferring to let his work speak for itself...   

...your work all about? 
It's an allegory of my contemporaries.
...the one piece of work you wish you'd created?  
L'écume Des Jours by Boris Vian.
...the world coming to? 
To rise up stronger from its ashes.
....the best piece of advice you've ever heard? 
Be unique and walk straight.
..the most important thing for an artist to remember?
From where he or she comes.
... the most inspiring thing you've ever seen?
...the cleverest thing you've ever done? 
Moving to Belgium to complete my studies at 18 years old.
...the stupidest thing you've ever done?  
Not wanting to say goodbye to my Scottish correspondent at the end of her linguistic stay with my family. 
...the point? 
Being occuped on a Sunday when it's raining outside.