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Lightning strikes Berghain but party rages on

Clubbers in the Berlin techno haven just stripped and kept the good times going despite the bizarre events

In a new level of bizarre even for the secretive techno club, reports say that lightning struck Berghain at the weekend. Despite this, clubbers kept going, getting naked because the air conditioning shut down during the storm.

Reports from Resident Advisor say the emergency lights came on, the sound was cut and the air conditioning stopped working following the lightning strike, though people kept dancing.

Barker, of DJ set Barker & Baumecker, described the events on Twitter, stating it “was like a sauna / solarium.. but nobody left the dancefloor, it just felt like a never ending breakdown.. everyone waiting for the drop..”

On Facebook, DJ T related the crazy scenes following the incident: “People took off their clothes because the place became a sauna, never saw so many topless girls and boys in a club. At Berghain the emergency light went on and couldn't be switched off for hours. I will never forget that view from the iron stairs down on that ocean of naked flesh waving and pulsating.”

Pär Grindvik, who was playing at the club with Dax J , described the event to Pitchfork, saying they and the crowd initially thought it was a new light feature, “but the lights stayed on while I took over the booth and were on for almost my whole set of four hours”.

No one was hurt in the incident, and despite what could have been an act of God, it's proved no one can stop the rave.