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Chloë Sevigny in Kids (1995)

Watch the trailer for Chloë Sevigny’s directorial debut

The surreal short, titled ‘Kitty’, tells the story of a girl becoming a cat

Chloë Sevigny has unveiled the first trailer for her upcoming directorial debut, Kitty

The short film, which was announced earlier this year, follows the story of a young girl (played by Edie Yvonne) who dreams of becoming a cat. However, in a surreal twist, she slowly begins to transform into one.

“I chose the story because it had an element of magical realism to it that is something that I always have enjoyed watching, as a viewer, in films,” Sevigny revealed back in April. “I wanted to do kind of a throwback to kind of those 80s films where they had an element of practical effects and makeup and stuff.”

The film’s dreamy teaser was posted on the actress’s Instagram account yesterday. Although a bit brief, it features the first glimpse of Yvonne in character; with whiskers and claws already making an appearance.

Watch the trailer below, or check out the whole short at New York Film Festival screenings in October.