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Illustration Elizabeth Henson

MPs say EU citizens must not be kicked out after Brexit

Politicians from across the parties have signed a statement demanding the next prime minister guarantees safety and stability for those residing in the UK

MPs have called upon the next Prime Minister to guarantee stability for EU citizens living in the UK following the EU referendum results.

According to Huffington Post, members of Labour, the Conservatives, SNP, the Greens, Liberal Democrats and UKIP have signed a statement urging for 3 million EU nationals who live and work in the UK to be guaranteed protection in a post-Brexit society. It was signed by over 80 MPs, including London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Scottish MP Mhairi Black among the signees.

Theresa May, who’s in the running for the Conservative leadership and Prime Minister position, has faced backlash after comments that called immigration and living issues into question. She previously said she could not guarantee their place in Britain, as it would factor into upcoming Brexit negotiations – which could take years. Liam Fox, who is also running for the Tory leadership, shares a similar view, but rivals Andrea Leadsom and Stephen Crabb have called for citizen’s guarantee.

Shadow home secretary Andy Burnham stated that he would force a parliament discussion and vote on the issue, with hopes to allow Europeans living in the UK before the referendum the right to stay.

Burnham said: “It is simply not good enough for the Home Secretary to say that she ‘hopes’ EU nationals will be allowed to stay. These are people who have put down roots here, with children, families, caring responsibilities, who pay taxes and contribute to our economy and society. They deserve much better than being used by the Government as bargaining chips.”