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Boris Johnson’s Brexit speech has turned up on Pornhub

With an appropriate but totally NSFW title

Speeches this week in the wake of the Brexit vote have been going pretty much either way. First Nigel Farage gave an awkward concession speech just minutes after the polls closed; David Cameron sniveled on the steps of Number 10 and Nicola Sturgeon gave a William Wallace-worthy rallying call to Scotland for another independence referendum. They’re on the airwaves, on our screens and shouting incessantly in the streets. Where else could all this Brexit chat reach you? Your wanking space, now Boris Johnson’s results speech has made its way to Pornhub, along with a pretty accurate title.

“Dumb British blond fucks 15 million people at once” has popped up on the porn site, probably at the hands of a pissed-off-and-totally-not-turned-on remain supporter. The video sees the peroxide Tory MP speak on the day of the EU referendum results. Now Cameron’s out, he’s in the running for Prime Minister, but not before becoming porn’s latest blond rookie.

The video references the “15 million” people who voted remain, who on many levels, have been absolutely fucked by the establishment. The pound has plummeted, our credit rating is in danger and freedom of movement is a precarious thing. However the number’s a little off: 16.1 million voted remain, the 17.4 million on the leave side.

Watch the not-very-sexy, grim video here